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Mission impossible?

Mission impossible?

May 05, 2020 3 Comments

My mission, if you choose to accept it, is to build bridges, not ignore or polarize any person with other points of view. 

Please read the above sentence one more time. Hear me clearly!

I have been strictly horse related blogging for several years now but I cannot resist the urge to occasionally guide my readers to build their confidence, build up their own inner voice, and playfully progress with their own psychology. Which brings us to today and a mission that is not impossible in my own heart and mind.

"And so we bravely march on together."

The latest mass media has figured out how to shock, polarize, and inform us on what "they" think we need to know even if it's a one sided picture. That, by the way, is normal and nothing to be surprised by. Listen to CNN and get one side, listen to FOX and get the other. The problem is not how one sided they are. The problem is that people only listen to one side. In other words, I'm not upset at mass media and big news channels. I am however, oddly disappointed at how many people rely strictly on only one media source, for which they have subscribed to for the last five years of their life. I know people and trust people to express different view points. That is one of our most important human rights, and I don't judge either. But I do wish people, left and right, would open up to each others point of view.

So once again I state my mission.

To build bridges! 

Below are two important links to get us from here to where we want to go. Hosted by a man I trust, a man I believe you should trust too, Tony Robbins, interviewing doctors you should trust, sharing important information on both sides of this COVID-19 experience we are all in together. 

I hope these link below give you a sense of peace and even excitement for our future.

Mid April interviews with Tony and specialized front line doctors related COVID-19:


End of April interviews with Tony and specialized front line doctors related to COVID-19:


Thank you for reading. Please comment below.

Don Jessop 

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May 11, 2020

Once again, spot on! I would bet that a majority of news listeners listen to one source. I have never at any point in my life listened to the amount of “news” I have sought out these past few months: the virus, the president, the medical experts, the politicians, the economy - as a mother, a small business owner, and an active member of our community the news seems so important. My son arrived home from college in March, he has always insisted on listening to multiple sources to gather information and educate himself; my husband is a one source guy. Our son has schooled his parents! Don, your mission to build bridges is essential and to achieve that mission people do need to open up to each other, open up to new ideas, open up to having a dialog. Thank you for sharing the interviews and encouraging all of us to open up to other’s point of view.

Christine Wilford
Christine Wilford

May 08, 2020

Thank you, Don. Your voice of reason is very welcomed, always, and but even more so, now.


May 07, 2020

Hi, thanks for sharing. Was very interesting. I share it futher to lots of friends. Freddy

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