Holiday Horsemanship

Holiday Horsemanship

December 24, 2019

Tis the season for giving. So take this article as a gift and as you read you will find even more gifts.

Does your horse know its Christmas? Probably not. They aren't designed to think that way. But we know it's Christmas and we love to give just a little extra this time of year. Maybe that means a couple extra flakes of hay, an extra long scratch on her favorite itchy spots, a pocket full of his favorite treats, or just hanging around in passive or playful way. 

Imagine what would happen if you gave that little bit of extra love to your horse this season? It would mean the world to him or her. Imagine how you would feel after giving a bit of yourself to an animal or another human in your world. You would feel healthier, wealthier and possibly even happier. Psychologists suggest that we feel positive emotions when we give. Give it a try this season.

In the spirit of giving I want to give you a gift. I want to invite you to the Horse Mastery Group where we meet and discuss our equine partners in depth every week and you get access to hundreds of hours of home study courses plus so much more. The invitation is only part of the gift.

The true gift I want to give today is a FREE one on one conference lesson with me or one of our instructors, valued at $150.00. In this call you'll get a crystal clear map of the future with your horse and answers to any burning questions.

Take advantage of this gift today, or this holiday week, by simply commenting below saying you'd like to meet.

Don't wait long because a new year awaits us all and we want you to join us in that new year!

Happy Holidays - Click to see more about the Mastery Group and comment below to indicate you'd like to schedule your FREE gift.



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