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How to feel safe riding with new people.

How to feel safe riding with new people.

November 27, 2018

How to feel safe riding with new people. Written by Don Jessop

You're not gonna like the answer. But here it is. Train your horse to be calm no matter what and... train yourself to be a better rider and then you'll feel safe around any rider.

What's holding you back anyway? Why haven't you built your confidence and your horse's confidence to a level where you don't have to worry about what happens at the show grounds, or on a trail ride? When's the last time you galloped a horse or jumped a horse? How about galloping and jumping at the same time? When's the last time you cantered in a group of people? Where did your confidence go?

For years we've been telling people to be careful who they ride with because we want you to be safe. I don't want you to lose your confidence just because some "yahoo" gallops past and spooks your horse. But in all those years, we've only given you half the story. We've only given you what not to do, to keep you safe. We've given you instructions on how to stay bubble wrapped.

There is more to the story!

Now it's time to unleash the power within you. I want to give you a list of what to do, to become a more confident rider no matter the circumstances. Of course, you still have to be responsible. There is no getting around that fact.

How would you like to be brave again? I mean truly brave? Confident that anyone could come flying around the corner and you and your horse burst into laughter instead of tears. How would you like to have that kind of trust in your horse? Or how about when a lunatic carrying a plastic bag tied to a stick approaches you and your horse and you feel like shaking his hand instead of buying a one way ticket to the moon? I can train you to be that confident. I can help you train your horse to be that confident. In fact, the horse training part is all in my online course, available to Horse Mastery Members.

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The personal confidence is something different however. You've either been hurt, or see the possibility of being hurt, and therefore hold back, right? Would you like to be free of that hesitation? Would you like to join a riding group and know you can handle the strange ways of other people?

We've got a new course coming online soon in which the entire goal is to get you confident!

It's part of a monthly subscription called Horse Mastery Group. If you're interested comment below. Send me an email or private message on Facebook.


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