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Lost your motivation? Here is Why?

Lost your motivation? Here is Why?

July 17, 2018 1 Comment

Lost your motivation? Here is Why? - Written by Don Jessop

Did you really think you would ride every day forever? Did you forget about the four seasons of life? Do I sound too negative here? Sorry about that - To state my intentions positively.... what I really want is to help you forgive yourself for not feeling like you should ride your horse, or go to the gym, or make love to your spouse all day long, every day. Because we all lose motivation during certain seasons of our life. 

Here are six reasons we lose motivation and three solutions to get it back! 

1. Fear of getting hurt. We don't want to injure our body or emotions in an activity that used to give us pleasure but has recently given us trauma. 

2. We moved on. In other words: We used to love doing that thing we did, but now we simply grew out of it. We're on to new things. That's OK.

3. No support. We don't have any support to spark the fire inside that we know really is there. We are alone!

4. No time. We don't have the time. Sadly, this is true for too many people. Real life problems create a lot of time constraints. Sometimes, it's all a matter of better time management (less TV time, etc.) but sometimes, it's a simple fact that there are not eight days in a week and thirty hours in a day. 

5. Not enough money. We don't have the money to pursue the very thing we want most. Maybe it's going to a horse show across the state or attending a clinic with the breakthrough guy from Montana. Whatever it is, the money is hindering your motivation. 

6. No energy. We don't have the physical fitness we used to. When we we're really young, someone could ask us if we wanted to do something. It didn't matter what it was, or how hard it was, we could say yes, because we loved the excess of energy our body provided. Now, the thought of loading up the trailer, driving four hours, and marching into the whirl wind of activity, seems too draining. We've told ourselves that we've reserved our energy for more important things. But the truth is, we simply don't have the fitness level we used to. 

If one or more of these resonate with you, you're not alone! 

There are three solutions to these problems. 

1. STOP trying to do EVERYTHING! Take some irons out of the fire for once. Breathe!

2. Get real support. I get paid to give support, because I'm good at it. So is my wife and any of my staff members. Real support that makes a real difference can change your motivation level instantly.

3. Start a live journal. Right now! If you're not inspired about something out there it's because your brain is so full of everything, you can't see straight. Empty your brain on paper. Right your goals down. Get clear. But remember, Don't Beat Yourself Up! Just write. I created a journal for horse lovers (click the link here) with daily questions to keep your mind clear and goals upfront. The feedback so far has been outstanding. 

"I use this journal every day!" - Holly from GA

"It helps me see the bigger picture and understand the smaller details of horses in training. Thank you" -  Ben from MT

If this article resonates with you, share it, and comment below. Thanks for reading.

PS. If you want the journal, click here, add to cart, and I'll ship it to you right away!


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Jill Lane
Jill Lane

July 21, 2018

Very concise article about what gets in our way. Thanks again for the insights!

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