New Courses For Horse Lovers

New Courses For Horse Lovers

September 11, 2017

People are asking... What are you guys up to?

The answer is simple. Everything. At least that is what it feels like. But the most important thing is developing these horse training courses that will teach you how to be the perfect partner for your horse.

Ownership - Master

We wanted to create an affordable but masterful experience for horse lovers. You can't beat the prices. Believe me, we've looked. We've taken everything we know from all parts of the horse industry and put them into sequential, easy to follow courses that lead you directly to masterful ground training and riding. What do I mean by masterful?

Imagine downloading information from the greatest horsemen and horsewomen in the world then uploading that information to your brain. What would you be able to accomplish? Masterful means, elegant, efficient, safe, beautiful, free, harmony, versatile, and so much more. Masterful means being able to change negative behavior almost instantly. Masterful means, knowing what to do before you even need to do it. Mastery is beauty!

The first three courses are available today with more coming soon. We recommend starting with Ownership. What does a master horseman or horsewoman know about owning horses and preparing for and caring for horses? Then continue to beginner courses and intermediate, where you will learn about the 4-b's of Leadership and tons of riding exercises that set you up for safety, control, and fun. 

We've split it up into two basic concepts. Ground training and Riding. Because we know that many people can't or simply don't want to ride, but do still want to grow. 

We'll help you achieve your horsemanship goals and dreams. That's not just part of our mission, it's a personal guarantee. 

So we are here for you. Get started today. Join us.

Here is the link:

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Here is what people are saying about it.

"Watching the videos is like hanging out with a master. I feels like I get to see subtleties I didn't know about and exchanging ideas and information while doing so."
"I wish I knew about this stuff years ago!"
"I never have trouble understanding Don:  It's clear and he knows what he's talking about."  
"The setting for the videos carries a majesty that attracts the viewer."
"Best of all, what Don is telling the viewer works!  Easy to understand coming from him to me. . .easy to communicate from me to my horse." 

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