SILVERHORNE SPORT HORSES and Mastery Horsemanship
SILVERHORNE SPORT HORSES and Mastery Horsemanship

SILVERHORNE SPORT HORSES and Mastery Horsemanship

October 08, 2019

I want you to know that if you dream of a sport horse that has the potential to win the Olympics you don't have to go far. But if you don't go all the way to the Olympics, maybe you want a sport horse for local shows or just to make you feel like you own your dream horse. These horses truly have the potential for anything you want. Dressage, jumping, pleasure, natural horsemanship, and trail riding.

For more than a decade my wife and I have been working with a Hanoverian farm in Sacramento California and every time I step foot on this farm I have to pick my jaw up off the floor. Talk about majestic, beautiful, powerful horses with personality and presence. WOW! Not to mention that everything the owner does there is natural and progressive, including her fantastic facilities.

We've been fortunate to acquire two horses from the farm over the years and have enjoyed every single moment with these amazing horses. 

Meet Pauli

Rachel Jessop Pauli

Pauli is a 17 hh Hanoverian elite mare. She scored a perfect 10 on her jump ability but that's not all. She's carried Rachel through rivers, literal rivers, we have pictures to prove it, top-level dressage training, liberty training, working with cows for fun and versatility, and even allowing children on her back. Nothing seems impossible with this mare. 

Meet Diamond

 Rachel Jessop Diamond

Diamond is a 16.2 hh Hanovarian elite mare who's movement will blow your mind. If you love dressage, this girl will astound you, but that's not all. She's more agile and athletic and elegant when it comes to jumping than most horses, and that's spanning the entire world. That's a big claim I know because there are lots of amazing horses out there. We know because we've been all over the world working with amazing horses and trainers.  Diamond has done everything Pauli has done. Tempi lead changes in dressage, piaffe, passage, half passes that belong in the Olympics, and so, so much more. She's now in her teens and has become a schoolmaster. What an amazing horse.

Take a look at Silverhorne for yourself and don't worry, this isn't a promotion for us to earn commissions, this is a thank you shout out to our favorite horse barn. Thanks, Silverhorne for the amazing horses. Thank you, we love that we didn't have to go to Europe to shop and import horses when you live right here in America.

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