The BIG 10 - the pinnacle of horse training - with Don Jessop - Mastery Horsemanship
The BIG 10 - the pinnacle of horse training - with Don Jessop

The BIG 10 - the pinnacle of horse training - with Don Jessop

June 04, 2019

The BIG 10 - the pinnacle of horse training

  1. Safe trail rides - Imagine knowing it will always work out. Imagine having the control and confidence to get through any situation and always set up for success, not just with your horse but with the people you ride with too.
  2. Bridle-less arena riding - Imagine inspiring a whole generation to see beyond the bit and bridle for control. 
  3. Liberty groundwork - Imagine showing the world that horses can connect without ropes and do amazing artistic performances.
  4. Flying lead change/Tempi lead changes - Imagine accomplishing one of the most challenging tasks known to horsemanship.
  5. Piaffe/passage - Imagine winning the hearts of the judges as you reach this grand-prix level of horsemanship.
  6. Spins/Pirouettes - Imagine the control and dexterity required, and it's all in your fingertips and heels. One in ten thousand people might experience this. You could join that group.
  7. Half-passes/lateral work - Imagine the beauty and elegance of true collection with your horse.
  8. Lying down - Imagine the trust that develops to achieve this pinnacle place in your horsemanship.
  9. Slide stops - Imagine the precision and power available to you with the slightest of cues.
  10. Jumping - Imagine the confidence you could gain to experience what some only dream of and many think too challenging.

What if you could accomplish every task on this list... would you want to? There are other tasks too, but this list encompasses the dreams and goals of nearly every aspiring and progressive horse rider. I'm not talking about people who only want to trail ride, although that is an important goal, I'm talking about horse riders who want to learn more about horses. People who want to master horses. Are you one of those eager people? Do you have a hunger and passion for growth? If you are, if you do... I can show you how to reach this pinnacle of horsemanship. I can show you how to do every task on that list and grow a deeper, more meaningful relationship with your horse as a result. Are you willing to give it a try?

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