Who says you can't? By Don Jessop - Mastery Horsemanship
Who says you can't? By Don Jessop

Who says you can't? By Don Jessop

December 03, 2019


Who says you can't?

Or who said you couldn't... and you did anyway?

What have you courageously done in spite of what others said or believed about you?

There is a part of you that lives deep inside you, and it's powerful beyond measure. Powerful enough to act in spite of everybody and everything, and do things nobody thought was possible. It's time to activate that part of you again!

When I asked my facebook friends to answer the question about what they've accomplished while surrounded by people who said they couldn't do it, hundreds of answers came pouring in. Here's just a few:

Tracey: I was told by a judge that I should get rid of my foundation bred appaloosa and get something that would take me to a "higher" level. My little nothing of a horse then went on to the CRHA nationals and became a national champion.

Susanna: train a wild horse. She tamed down so nice she became a kid's horse.

Nicola: I was told to get rid of my boy as he was dangerous. He was also abused. With time and patience he is one special boy. I knew he was special and just needed someone he trusted.

Deanne: Ride again. I'm a cancer survivor and I owe it all to my horse.

Kaitlyn: Live and ride. My mare had navicular so bad when I first got her that the first vet I called out said she should be put down. The second said she might live, but she'd have poor quality of life and should be put down. 3rd vet said oh hell no we can fix this. Now she is the most amazing trail horse I could ask for and I take lessons on her.

Ashley: Bareback trail riding in just a halter

Miranda: My dad told me I'd never win anything on my horse when I brought home a petite 14.2hh 13yr unbroke mustang 😂Hahaha well in your face dad, I won $23 on her.

Nancy: I called my horse from a field at Liberty, turned on a waltz and we danced in ten acres with no equipment and my hands in my pockets. I’m 67. My horse never left me. We did patterns in figure eights, weaving, spins, backwards and sideways. I am self taught, watching videos and auditing clinics. I did it to surprise my sons who worry about me. We are having so much fun!

Michelle: USDF Bronze Medalist because I didn’t “train in dressage” only that “Parelli stuff.” My partner at the time, Sasha, and I earned our medal in 6 rides. They said I “got lucky.”🤣🤣

I could share a thousand more success stories that, in the end, might just tip the scales in your mind, and unleash that special power inside you. You know... it's that part of you that can do anything!

So what's your success story? What have you done that everybody (maybe even yourself) once said would be impossible?

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