Justice - The Mustang

Justice - The Mustang

June 03, 2019

This blog will go in reverse order from the beginning, through Justice's progress:  Current information on top.  Scroll to the bottom to start from the beginning.


Carolyn made the first contact with Justice. Very exciting to have a Mustang want to touch you.

Carolyn Justice Mustang Don Jessop

Justice the Mustang made it home safely! He seemed to know life was only going to get better from here. He stood quietly and took in his surroundings, ate some hay. With soft encouragement, he got out of the trailer, not too quickly and ate some more hay. Our horses were very excited to meet a new herd mate.

Don Jessop Mustang Justice ArrivalDon Jessop Mustang Justice TrailerMustange Justice Eating Hay TrailerJustice Mustang, thinking about leaving the trailerMustang Justice Leaving the trailerMustang Justice in new homeJustice Mustang looking aroundMustang Justice eating hayExciting horsesExcited horses running


After getting Justice the Mustang into the trailer they are starting their journey home. Also, this is Carolyn's first time driving the trailer with a horse loaded in the back.

Trailer Don Jessop


Here is Justice at the facility moving towards the trailer. Although this is a beautiful photo of him, he was very scared while being pushed through the shoots towards and into the trailer.

Justice Mustang Don Jessop Mastery Horsemanship

Loading Justice the Mustang, did not go smoothly, Karrie was upset when she called me after watching the BLM’s attempts at loading Justice, the Mustang. It was not going well, Karrie was frustrated and heartbroken, the BLM had tried loading Justice half a dozen times. Justice was scared and his flight instinct was so heightened he was attempting to jump over the panels and was crashing head first into the fences in a blind panic. He could not find his way into the trailer. Finally, they listened to Karrie and Bill’s suggestion of repositioning the trailer and shoot to help him see more clearly where to go. At last, he was in the trailer and the relief was huge. On the way home they hit pelting rain and hail for a couple of hours, Karrie could only imagine how terrified Justice was in the trailer. 

 Mustang Justice Loading BLM facility Mastery HorsemanshipJustice Mustang Shoot BLM Mastery HorsemanshipJustice Mustang Shoot BLM Mastery HorsemanshipMustang Justice BLM Shoot Mastery HorsemanshipMustang Justice BLM Shoot Mastery HorsemanshipJustice Mustang BLM Loading Mastery Horsemanship


Karrie and Bill on their way to pick up Justice. Carolyn driving the truck and trailer for the second time ever. Go Carolyn Rae Maier!

trailer Mustang Don Jessop Mastery Horsemanship


Justice hanging out at the BLM waiting to be adopted.

Justice BLM facility Mastery Horsemanship Don JessopJustice Mustang at BLM Don Jessop Mastery Horsemanship

The decision was made, Justice the Mustang was chosen. Now just figuring out when to pick him up and bring him home.


There were a lot of Mustangs to look at. Trying to decide was difficult as the few that Carolyn Rae Maier liked had a roadblock, one was too small (13 hands), one had scars and bumps on his legs, one was going to another sale and not available. Don Jessop Mastery Horsemanship helped Carolyn Rae Maier to see the horse for its nature and try. Justice was closest to Carolyn Rae Maier in this picture and stopped first and turned to look first. A very sweet nature, with a lot of try. It was difficult to make a clear decision and the brand inspector and vet were waiting on Carolyn Rae Maier. Make a decision or we are going to leave. The pressure was too much and we advised waiting, as this is a big decision and you do need it to feel right and find the right horse for you. On the drive home, Carolyn Rae Maier got to drive the empty truck and trailer for the first time on the highway.

Carolyn Mustang Don Jessop Mastery Horsemanship

Mustangs Don Jessop Mastery Horsmanship


Justice Mustang Don Jessop Mastery Horsemanship pen

 Mustang Mastery Horsemanship

It all starts with an idea. Carolyn Rae Maier wanted a Mustang. Don Jessop Mastery Horsemanship decided to help her make that dream a reality. So Carolyn Rae Maier and Don Jessop Mastery Horsemanship and Bill Elmoreheaded up to Wyoming, an eight-hour trip one way, to look at the Mustangs.