Glenn Stewart and Don Jessop

Glenn Stewart and Don Jessop

September 22, 2017

Don Jessop from Mastery Horsemanship interviews Glenn Stewart, famous Natural Horsemanship master from BC, Canada

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Glenn is a renowned horseman, competitor, athlete, author, and entrepreneur. 

You can find Glenn at where he offers courses in horse training, colt starting, world famous adventure courses, and easy to follow home study courses. 

This podcasts brings Glenn's personality and professionalism to the table and gives the listener an opportunity to see horses and professional horsemanship in a different light. The podcast is about 1:15 minutes long with insights in leadership and integrity, horsemanship, learning to read horses, horse abuse, competition, and much, much more.

Glenn also shared a segment on youtube about Leadership and Comfort Zones about 11 minutes long. Well worth watching.

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