Michael Grohmann and Don Jessop

Michael Grohmann and Don Jessop

October 02, 2017

Don Jessop from Mastery Horsemanship interviews Micheal Grohmann, famous Natural Horsemanship trainer from Austria.  They discuss super horse stories, ideas and great tips.

Michael is a 4 Star Senior Parelli Professional which basically means he's a dedicated student of horses and people who's spent more hours on natural horsemanship education than most would ever dream of.

You can find Michael at https://michaelgrohmann.jimdo.com/  where he offers courses in horse training, colt starting, Parelli natural horsemanship and more. 

This podcasts brings to light what it's like as a professional and details invaluable horsemanship insights. You'll enjoy Michael Austrian accent and personality and professionalism.

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