Rick Lamb and Don Jessop - Mastery Horsemanship
Rick Lamb and Don Jessop

Rick Lamb and Don Jessop

October 16, 2017

Rick Lamb is a well known writer, educator, and media producer. His influence in the horse industry has been felt by thousands upon thousands of horse lovers and horses. 

His books have helped shape the natural horsemanship phenomenon.  "Human to Horseman" - A Journey of Discovery, Growth, and Celebration. "Horse Smarts for the Busy Rider" - Insights in Small Bites from the Horse.  "A Revolution in Horsemanship" - With Dr. Robert Miller.

His radio and TV shows have kept many of us glued to the horse industry with fantastic stories of great horses from history and interviews with trainers that have shaped the world we know. 

Listen to the podcast below where I interview Rick about his work in the horse industry. 

You can contact Rick and learn more about what he's doing today at: ricklambphd@gmail.com

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