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The Beginner’s Guide to Foundation Horse Training is here to give you a direction, a map, a step by step process, and a guide for that process. The title simply means, “Come with me, I’ll show you a path to help you and your horse to have a great partnership and some fun along the way..”

The foundation is the basis for everything you want to do with a horse. To prepare you for your next steps whether it is readiness for trail riding, upper-level training such as advanced liberty, bridleless riding, competitive, or collected riding. Foundation training is not about tools and techniques. It’s about progress through a basic syllabus using the tools you have in order to advance to higher level horsemanship and deeper levels of mastery. Keep in mind, a good foundation is built on trust. In most cases, before you can build trust, you have to be seen as a leader. This book starts with leadership and builds on trust.

This colorful book with pictures and 34 clear steps comes to you today at an affordable price to help you to move forward toward your dreams and goals.