LEVEL 1 - Ownership


"What people wish they knew before they started!"

Details: This course is SMARTPHONE and TABLET READY

2 ground preparation video lessons - preparing for and supporting a healthy horse/human experience 
3 riding preparation video lessons - ensuring proper equipment and facilities
2 PDF guides for new horse owners and buying your next horse.


  • What do horses need to survive? Learn the 4 elements horses need to survive in our world: Details on Food Types, Water Consumption, Shelter and Fencing, and Health Care (farriers, veterinarians, etc.) You’ll learn everything you need to know to ensure your horses’ survival in our man-made world.

  • Learn the 4 S's horses need to truly thrive and not just survive: Space, Social, Stimulus, Sense of Purpose

  • What do master trainers look for in facilities? Are your grounds safe and effective?

  • How do masters prepare for riding? What are the best saddles and why?What kind of facilities are appropriate or not? What kind of safety equipment do you need for you and your horse?

  • All these questions and more get answered in detail within this early Mastery course.

  • The focus of this course is NOT riding technique but instead, on what Masters consider important to prepare a horse owner for safe and productive horse activities. 


Buying a New Horse PDF Guide
Michelle Kingston's Ownership E book

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