LEVEL 2 - Beginner Training



Ground: 5 video lessons on ground training
Riding: 6 video lessons on riding
Downloadable Guides and Checklists
    Each video is designed to show you what you need to do, why it's important and how to do it. Plus pitfall resolutions for challenging situations. You can watch and re-watch each video until you feel you understand the details we want you to practice.
    Ground Training Features:
    • Learn the 4 B's of Leadership in depth - Boundaries, Bonding, Bravery, Basic Skills
    • Learn about catching challenging horses
    • Learn what master trainers teach beginners about safety and personal space 
    • You'll learn about teaching a horse to be confident under pressure. You'll learn how to sensitize your horse to your hands and suggestions. You'll learn how to safely bond with your horse. You'll learn how to teach circles in preparation for higher levels of mastery
    Riding Training Features:
    • Learn the fundamentals of riding and pre-ride checks 
    • Learn to control the 3 major body parts with riding your horse in preparation for higher levels of mastery
    • You'll learn about teaching a horse to stand still for mounting. You'll learn about teaching a horse to isolate certain movements while riding. You'll learn how to go, stop, and turn, at the walk like a master horseman or master horsewoman 

    MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - If you don't feel we've added extraordinary value to your life with horses we'll give you your money back and you get to keep the content.

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