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We have english dressage coaches, western dressage coaches, western reining coaches, natural horsemanship coaches, liberty coaches, and coaches with a vast amount of knowledge in all performance categories. All of our coaches also excel in horse and human behavior psychology.

Our coaches work with beginners and elite riders. Many of our coaches have reached the pinnacle of Mastery with horses and can help you breakthrough whatever you are working on. With combined knowledge, there is nothing too challenging for us. 

How does Mastery Coaching Work?

Each month, as a Mastery Horsemanship Coaching student you will receive:


In each session, you'll get answers and strategies for immediate progress. (No more getting stuck in the same place.) We'll problem solve, we'll celebrate successes, and we'll define new goals to keep you inspired, motivated, and in touch with a bigger picture.


For visual learners, you will experience ten times the value of a typical private lesson because of the ability to see yourself in action. For many visual learners this is perfect. We often provide personalized videos for those who can't do video at home. We want to help you read your horse and uncover details of failures and building blocks to success!

We will review your videos together in our phone calls and uncover valuable information about you and your horse. We have found video coaching to be a very powerful tool and an exceptional way to mark progress and success and we often create personal videos with our horses just for you, based on what you're working on or need help with.


After each call, a personal email containing everything we've talked about through the call will be delivered to you as a reference.  You're successes, your new strategies, your new goals will all be sent to you.  Everything will be outlined, so you can productively navigate your new outcomes.


Throughout each month as a member of Mastery Horsemanship coaching you will be sent videos, articles, product discounts and promotions, personal stories, interviews with experts, shared successes from other members (permission granted) and much more to keep you inspired and dreaming big dreams.

MONEY BACK Guarantee

Take away any doubt.  You will make progress with Mastery Horsemanship Coaching or your coaching is free.
We want you to enjoy the benefits of a safer relationship with your horse, with more excitement and fun, facing new challenges, reaching new heights, and building new confidence.
It doesn't matter if you ride English or Western, Natural or Traditional.  We have the coaches that have the experience you need to create the relationship you want with your horse and your goals. You can take away all your frustrations and begin to experience what you got into horses for in the first place. 


"I looked at my journal from this past month, and the last thing I wrote was, "I'm beginning to believe..."  Nothing is more powerful than what we believe in our hearts to be true.  This program is really, seriously, amazingly helping me.  Thank you!"  -  Karen

"I began coaching with you soon after my kids were born, thinking I would become a good natural horse trainer and enjoy hanging out with my friends. Little did I know I was really going to discover strategies that I would use in all areas of my life. I would never have guessed where my horsemanship would go. What I recognize, and want to honor you for, is that your coaching has such a broad view that you have encouraged me to take advantage of every opportunity that has presented itself. Not once have you let me consider what I might be leaving behind (what or who could be holding me back), you have continually kept me looking ahead. In the face of big barriers and big disappointments, that frankly would have stopped the progress of most people, you have helped me find ways to move on. Thank you. Your business is unique in that I have never felt pressure to conform, even when I feel I might be moving away from the base that brought me into the business in the first place, and I really appreciate that.  Thank You!" - Michelle, Vermont

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