4 B's of Leadership

"Garner the Respect of Any Horse Instantly and Permanently"

DETAILS: Online - Smartphone and Tablet Ready Course
  • 8 (eight) Instant Access Instructional Videos Valued at $250
  • Nearly 2 full hours of step by step instructions, showing what to do, why, and how to solve specific challenges
  • Learn to "bomb proof" your horse in the bravery stage of the 4 B's
  • This course is complimentary to any form of horse training. Including: Western, English, Latin, Natural, Performance, Liberty, Driving, etc.
  • This course has been tested and proven by industry leaders to stand the course of time and work for all horses!

  • In this course you'll learn what Master horse trainers do instinctively, but sometimes struggle to communicate to others.

  • Learn to balance Bonding and Training so your horses can love working with you and for you. Prove to your horse you are truly a friend with integrity and leadership.

  • Prepare a horse for ANY task by teaching a "learning frame of mind."

"Don's teaching is easy to follow, motivational, and fun! You'll love this course!" Sarah, CA

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