I love helping people experience the full joy of being around horses. As an author, clinician, educator, coach, and leader in the horse industry, I can help you get through any problem and experience any dream. I will support you from basic horsemanship to the most advanced maneuvers and techniques across the whole spectrum of horse training and riding.

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 “Green on green makes black and blue” said my experienced horsemanship friends...and up until last weekend they were right.  A friend had rescued and gifted me a yearling. 

Frustrated by fruitless training experiences and hitting rock bottom, it was clear I lacked the confidence, experience, and skills required to give my horse and myself the life we deserved!  I had lost all hope of transcending the trauma of being bucked off a pony as a child.

Enter Don, Rachel, and Shona Jessop. I had no idea that my little girl dreams were still alive and smoldering beneath the ashes of fear, but Rachel did. Rachel created a customized four day plan that would dislodge encrusted fear based beliefs and patterns that sabotaged both my and my horse’s success. 

I was able to face my fears, climb on a horse while it was laying down or standing and by day four able to ride bareback... one of my bucket list dreams! The technical expertise and brilliantly fun and creative plan facilitated by Rachel exposed me to a life with horses that I could have only dreamed possible! Her highly trained horse Dream Warrior patiently allowed my learning curve to grow day by day. Don and Shona also interjected throughout the process providing their own encouragement support and guidance.

I now have a blueprint to progress beyond the self imposed barriers that blocked me from being the leader my horse deserve to have. I feel the door has swung wide open and my dreams have truly taken flight.  Meg.