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Are you addicted to your horse?

This monthly membership for just $249.00/month includes premiere access to the Mastery Horsemanship Program and everything it entails.

  • Private Facebook Group:- Share your successes and develop meaningful relationships with others on the same journey.  If you have questions about your journey, this is one place where you bring them up. It's not a pity party but a safe place fore people to express themselves and their experiences
  • Full Access to an ever growing video library with specific courses set up to guide you step by step through to the next level. We want to help you make progress with your horse and your own "mastery mindset":- We are adding to this all the time. You can even ask for a specific video too.
  • Weekly video conference calls:- Ask your questions and hear from the best in the industry. Usually guided calls with Don or Rachel, occasionally with other professionals.
  • Tuition Free annual event:- Members only, event dedicated to enriching your experience here in the heart of the Montana mountains.

Horse Mastery Group is made to solve five big challenges we all face.

Confidence. Get the confidence you need to break free of fear and actually do what you dream of doing. And build the same confidence in your horse.

Clarity. Walk out your door knowing exactly what you need to accomplish, because each course is mapped out for you in a simple step by step format. Your horse will thank you and you will love feeling clear.

Competence. If you have a challenging horse, you'll get the competence you need to regain full leadership. If you dream of competing, you will get the competence you need to compete at the highest level you dream of without risking your horse's health or positive mental attitude. 

Community. If you've ever felt like you're the only one with the dream, you won't be alone anymore. You'll meet people from all over the world with the same aspirations you have.

Completeness. Get the whole picture. Never get bored because Mastery Horsemanship includes progressive training in 10 different categories. All of which are balanced to keep your horse healthy and happy.

10 categories of training:

Mastering your own leadership mindset
Rider fitness and agility
Proper preparation for riding
Mastering Liberty
2 line driving into cart driving
Trick training - "bring Cavallia to your backyard"
Control riding from basic, all the way up to cantering and possible competition
Bridle-less riding basic to advanced
Collected riding basic to advance
Grand Prix and advanced maneuvers

If you're ready to start but want to make sure it can work for you personally... Book an appointment with us by emailing us:123@masteryhorsemanship.com or call today 406-360-1390.