Copy of Mastery Coaching Reviews

I've had one heck of a successful month with my horses. Thank you

Nikole, Iowa

Great format!  I liked the different skill levels, and it was helpful to look at skills above and from where I came.  I missed some great exchanges due to my personal constraints, but there was plenty of time for ‘pearls of wisdom’.. One thing that has really stuck with Rascal and I is the leg communication. He is responding well to the gradual pressure, then release, when I’m asking for a trot.  And canter from a walk or standstill.  As always with Rascal, he’s waiting for me and I forever appreciate his patience. Another thing I loved was playing with toys or touching areas that were new to Rascal.  We’ve taken to playing with the big blue ball online and under saddle.  He’s getting quite good at ’nosing’ the ball around. As always, it was an exhilarating time and so much to play with and think about!! thank you so much!

Martha, Rhode Island

Thank you very much for taking the time to work with Nala and I, it has been quite a journey so far and each day I feel she teaches me something new. There are days where I can get frustrated or feel like I am not progressing, but after working with you work with her, I have learned to slow down a little, give her a minute and me as well, to process and then try again. It was amazing to watch her progress from working with the bull whip to you getting on her with the saddle In a spread out short 3 hours. It inspires me to be as knowledgeable as you one day and I hope to go beyond limits with Nala. 



I couldn't wait a whole month to tell you that Cinda is cured of her pulling on the bit! 

Bob, California



Aloha and Thanks so much; great call this morning and I look forward to the next. I’m rejuvenated and feel back on track; thanks for coaching me to identify and celebrate my successes!
Cryshtal, Hawaii


I began coaching with you soon after my kids were born, thinking I would become a good natural horse trainer and enjoy hanging out with my friends. Little did I know I was really going to discover strategies that I would use in all areas of my life. I would never have guessed where my horsemanship would go. What I recognize, and want to honor you for, is that your coaching has such a broad view that you have encouraged me to take advantage of every opportunity that has presented itself. Not once have you let me consider what I might be leaving behind (what or who could be holding me back), you have continually kept me looking ahead. In the face of big barriers and big disappointments, that frankly would have stopped the progress of most people, you have helped me find ways to move on. Thank you. Your business is unique in that I have never felt pressure to conform, even when I feel I might be moving away from the base that brought me into the business in the first place, and I really appreciate that.  Thank You!

Michelle, Vermont


I must say a huge big thank you, I tried what you suggested and it's as if Whiskey (my horse not the drink) suddenly had an epiphany and understood exactly what I wanted. You truly are amazing!!
Katie, South Africa

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