Meet the Masters

To enrich the lives of horses and people around the world

by sharing the best of the best tools and techniques from all parts of the horse industry and also exploring the mistreatment of horses in captivity, including careless breeding programs and consequence oriented training.

Our product promotions and training programs are scrutinized with these 3 special criteria:

1. Is it safe?  

Every product or service is tested to promote the highest levels of safety.

2. Is it effective?

Each tool, product, book, program, and professional experience is chosen for optimum effectiveness and quality. In other words... Does it work? Does it work well? Does it last? Does it promote progress?

3. Is it reward oriented?

Each product or service must be reward oriented for horses and people in general. Consequence oriented training strategies are abandoned. Tools and product promotions that don't enrich the lives of others are abandoned.  Only the best of the best will do!

There are thousands of techniques, dozens of disciplines and millions of different ideas about training, caring for and riding horses.  We want to share the best of the best from all parts of the horse industry, including all disciplines and styles.  We draw from the experience of thousands of people and experts in every realm of horsemanship, leadership, psychology, and health.


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