Rachel Jessop


Hi, I’m Rachel Jessop!

a Kiwi (native New Zealander) living in the USA. I am excited to meet you and be a part of your fun, stress-free connection with your horse.  I hope to inspire you to succeed with your horse goals.

I am passionate and still studying extensively to make the world a better place for horses and humans. I love to see people learn and excel while having fun with their horses. Join me and help make simple things fun and inspire others around us.

PS: Never hesitate to contact me directly with feedback or suggestions.  I appreciate anything you have to say! You can find my personal information below!



Rachel Jessop co-founded Mastery Horsemanship to help teach people how to build a strong lifetime relationship and bond with their horse partners and to enhance communication.

Rachel Jessop, a Kiwi (native New Zealander) living in the USA, has always been passionate about everything she does with horses and people. She lives by her motto "Live Where Nothing Holds You Back!"

Rachel has extensively studied and research horse behavior and body language and has spent the last 38 years learning and growing with horses. Learning how to get a true connection with horses on a whole other level was and is a demanding and exhilarating journey. She loves seeing people learn and excel with their horses. She also loves encouraging people to believe in themselves and let the horse take them on a wondrous journey of uncovering their dreams.


From Rachel:

"Experience has shown me how to do things better and faster. I'm confident I can teach you these exact lessons!"

“As an accomplished competition rider, I had no idea there was more.  When I acquired an incredibly talented but totally scary horse that I could not get along with, while riding this horse, pulling on the reins and hoping he would stop and not succeeding.  Being at a competition, he would stop part way and start rearing. I had no idea what to do with him.

I began to search for a better way.  I studied and changed my ways. That horse turned out to be great and through self-discovery and studying with masters and mentors I saw that the issue was me, not him and we went on to become true partners.  I studied horse psychology and I learned how to communicate (no whispering here) and help the horse to understand me and me to understand him.

Now I pass on to others what I know works and love to help people to learn to connect and communicate with their horse, to work as a team and understand each other.  I share my journey and knowledge for the benefit of others.” 


Contact me personally at: (406)360-1390

Email: 123@masteryhorsemanship.com


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