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Inspiration is an understatement! Rich with sage advice, Don’s book is a must read for all horse enthusiasts. Your reward will be a better understanding of our equine friends - and perhaps equally as important, a better understanding of life’s lessons. S. Wade

Great, Solid, Easy to Understand. I believe these words of advice and guidelines have been gained through much experience and understanding of both humans and horses. I believe any level of horse experience human will have more insight into understanding self and your horse. I highly recommend this great guide to practical dealings with horses. S Engle


In the world of horse training, there are thousands upon thousands of little details that inspire and ignite the imagination. The pages within hold some of those little fire starters.

Are you ready to learn, live, and love every minute of your life with horses? If so, you’ll find what you’re looking for here. Some stories are technical and some are about you and your own psychology related to leadership. These stories are compiled from years of writing for my wonderful horse-loving audiences. Thank you for reading, thanks for inspiring me to write. God bless ~ Don Jessop

“I love your articles, you have such a heart and so much good information. I thank you so much.” ~ Susan. 

“Firstly, thanks for your words of Wisdom. I LOVE reading your articles every week, you have so much knowledge, understanding and skill and I always get something from them.” ~ Sandy“

Hmm, it's like you've been watching me from above .” ~ Christine