beginner level certification

Demonstrate in a short video these tasks:

(video formats: unlisted youtube videos are best)

1. Catching

  • Show catching and haltering your horse

2. Boundaries

  • Show moving your horse backward, forward, left and right without moving your feet

3. Bonding

  • Show brushing or grooming your horse without your horse moving his or her feet

4. Bravery

  • Show touching your horse from head to tail
  • Show clapping to make noise from head to tail
  • Show some type of visual sensation (such as a flag or swinging rope) from head to tail.

5. Basic skills

  • Show hand yields on head, shoulders, and hips
  • Show driving yields on head, shoulder, and hips
  • Show circles left and right at a walk and speed up

Review the learning videos from the course for support on how to accomplish these tasks.


Beginner Level Riding
Intermediate Level Ground Training