Are you addicted to horses... in a good way?

Do you love to learning? Do you want to be Inspired?

JOIN THE HORSE MASTERY GROUP RISK FREE -This premiere monthly membership includes full access to the Mastery Horsemanship Program, it's instructors and everything it entails. Mastery Horsemanship is a natural horsemanship program combining deep leadership psychology, balance, alignment, and peak performance. (continue reading)

This exclusive group offers 6 points of ACCESS for true horse lovers.

  • A secret Facebook group: where we all get to share in your successes and develop meaningful relationships with others on the same journey.  If you have questions about your horse, this is one great place to bring them up, because we're always on there. It's a safe place for people to express themselves and their experiences and to hear from us.
  • Full Access to an ever growing video course library: with certifiable video courses (listed below) set up to guide you step by step through to the next level in a natural way. We want to help you make progress with your horse and your own "mastery mindset":- As a member, you can even ask for a specific video to help with your own special horse.
  • A weekly video conference call: Where after a short horsemanship lesson, you get to ask your questions and engage a real conversation. Usually guided calls with Don or Rachel Jessop and always recorded and ready to view if you miss it.
  • Live interviews with top level instructors: from around the world and throughout the horse industry. These instructors will occasionally join our weekly calls to add education and inspiration at every level.
  • Instructor in your pocket access: Need help that can't wait for the weekly calls. Email, phone or text anytime to get support asap.
  • A tuition Free annual event: A Members only live event worth thousands of dollars, but free to you, dedicated to enriching your experience as a horse lover, here in the heart of the Montana mountains. (conditions apply)

The Horse Mastery Group was made to solve five big challenges we all face. Confidence, Clarity, Competence, Community, Completeness. If you think you're a fit for the group, call today: 406-360-1390 or email to inquire about an appointment. (continue reading)

You'll get the confidence you need to break free of fear and actually do what you dream of doing. And... build the same confidence in your horse in a natural and safe way.

 Walk out your door inspired and excited, knowing exactly what you need to accomplish, because each course is mapped out for you in a simple step by step format. Plus, each call will empower you even more. Your horse will thank you, love you, and trust you... and you will love feeling clear. You can't find what we teach anywhere on the internet. You might find pieces but never the whole picture in such a crystal clear, certifiable fashion.

If you have a challenging horse, you'll get the competence you need to regain full leadership in a natural and safe manner. If you dream of competing, you will get the competence you need to compete at the highest level you dream of without risking your horse's health or positive mental attitude. 

 If you've ever felt like you're the only one with the dream to do amazing things in a natural way, you won't be alone anymore. You'll meet people from all over the world with the same aspirations you have.

You'll get the whole picture and never run out of exciting new things to explore, because Mastery Horsemanship includes progressive training in more than 20 different categories. All of which are balanced to keep you and your horse healthy and happy. Plus, you can test and certify in each course. These courses, with clear, complete, and certifiable actions, are not available anywhere else on the internet. 

more than twenty five categories of mastery:

All the above carefully constructed courses can be yours as a member. Some of these courses are still in the infant stage of production, and will be ready to view later in the year. As a member you may even take part in the development of some of these courses. All these courses are designed by the best horse trainers in the horse industry and each course invites you to certify upon completion that you understand the content. Plus you get access to the private, secret Facebook group so you're never without support... and you also get to engage in weekly video conference calls and annual events. This can all be yours...all you have to do is inquire to book an appointment, then we'll reach out to you.

Are you ready to start?

   - All you have to do is connect with us via phone or ask for an appointment via email -

Remember it's RISK FREE! Meaning there are no long term contracts that lock you into something you're not sure about. We want you to be sure!

Ask for more info and pricing by emailing below. When we receive your email, we'll schedule a time to meet in a live interview where we can hear from you, even give you some free support, and share more details of the membership. or call today 406-360-1390

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