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Rachel Jessop Pauli

"Experience has shown me how to do things better and faster."
Rachel Jessop, a Kiwi (native New Zealander) living in the USA, has always been passionate about everything she does with horses and people. She lives by her motto "Live Where Nothing Holds You Back!" 
Her background:
HORSE MASTERY: Learning how to get a true connection with horses on a whole other level was and is a demanding and exhilarating journey. Her passion grew, and she knew she had to share the incredible connection she had discovered by becoming a horsemanship coach. She loves seeing people learn and excel with their horses. She also loves encouraging people to believe in themselves and let the horse take them on a wondrous journey of uncovering their dreams.
AUTHOR: As an author of 'Dreams With Horses' driven to leave a legacy to her daughter, Rachel has combined her writing skills, horsemanship knowledge, and a dash of imagination to share her journey of discovering how to live where nothing holds her back on the road to achieving all of her dreams.
MUSIC: Now her debut song 'Ready' describes how Rachel took a seed of an idea and walked the walk to ensure this Dream became a Reality. Hoping to inspire others to do the same.
MOTHER: Rachel’s deepest desire is to bless her daughter, the horses, all people young at heart who are looking to reach their dreams, and especially the orphans who deserve to see their dreams with horses come true.
Rachel currently lives in Corvallis, Montana with her husband Don and her daughter, Shona Angelina. She loves being a wife, a mother, a professional, a trainer, a coach, an author, a singer and songwriter. But most important, she enjoys learning and heading toward new and stimulating growth as she fulfills more dreams by “Living where nothing holds her back.”
Rachel Jessop
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