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About this course!
Each video is designed to show you what you need to do, why it's important and how to do it. You can watch and re-watch each video until you feel you understand the details we want you to integrate into your day to day practice. 
Each video takes a progressive step toward Mastery and the step by step sequence of the videos are particularly important. Learn from each video, the important things you need to implement into your horses experience in our human world.
Interacting with horses at any level is dangerous! The Mastery Horsemanship programs, companies or affiliates take no responsibility for injury of any kind, due to your interaction with horse using the methods described or not described in this online course.
Be careful! Don't do anything you feel could be dangerous! Don't put yourself or your horse in harms way! Don't practice techniques that you feel could be unsafe! Don't use tools that you feel could be unsafe! Don't do what the instructions say if you feel they could be unsafe! Instead, use your best judgement and follow your principles instead of techniques to get your best results!
Special Note About Techniques:
There are dozens of different opinions about every single detail in every realm of horse training and ownership. The ones you will see and practice in this program may be different from what you have been taught previously. That doesn't mean you're previous training is wrong. The reason we use the specific techniques demonstrated in the videos, is because they are time tested techniques and used by the best trainers in the world. There is no rule that says you can't make some variation of these techniques. You most certainly can be creative. Pay close attention to principles instead of techniques and you will be successful!
Also...There are no requirements for which tools you choose to use. At this level we recommend using a rope halter, long lead rope (preferably 10 - 12 feet in length), and stick (could be a flag, or dressage whip, or driving stick).  




Bonus Download #1- What to consider when buying a new horse!

Bonus Download #2- Michelle Kingstons Horse Ownership Ebook

Lesson 1: What a Horse Needs to Survive!

In this video you will learn how important your horses food, water, shelter, and health care are for his or her survival. Every owner must provide these needs to avoid being abusive in any way!
Lesson 2: What a Horse Needs to Thrive!
In this video you will learn what Master Horsemen and Horsewomen around the world do that goes beyond providing basic needs. There are four needs a horse has, that must be fulfilled, in order for a horse to thrive in our world. They all start with "S"
Social, Space, Stimulus, and Sense of Purpose.

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