Mastery Coaching Reviews

Nikole, Iowa:

I've had one heck of a successful month with my horses. Thank you

Martha, Rhode Island:

Great format! I liked the different skill levels, and it was helpful to look at skills above and from where I came... (and so on)


Thank you very much for taking the time to work with Nala and I, it has been quite a journey so far... (and so on)

Bob, California:

I couldn't wait a whole month to tell you that Cinda is cured of her pulling on the bit!

Cryshtal, Hawaii:

Aloha and Thanks so much; great call this morning and I look forward to the next. I’m rejuvenated and feel back on track... (and so on)

Michelle, Vermont:

I began coaching with you soon after my kids were born... (and so on)

Katie, South Africa:

I must say a huge big thank you, I tried what you suggested and it's as if Whiskey (my horse not the drink) suddenly had an epiphany and understood exactly what I wanted. You truly are amazing!!