Beginner Riding

Beginner Riding: Level 2 of 7 Levels of Mastery
  • This course is about the fundamentals of riding. The first steps, so to speak. Each video is designed to show you what you need to do, why it's important and how to do it. You can watch and re-watch each video until you feel you understand the details we want you to practice. 
  • What does an beginner need to know about riding? What are the three major body parts any rider must learn to control? What will keep you safe and your horse smart?
  • You'll learn about teaching a horse to stand still for mounting. You'll learn about teaching a horse to isolate certain movements while riding. You'll learn how to go, stop, and turn, at the walk.
  • Learn what master horsemen and horsewomen focus on in the early stages of a horses career in detail within this beginner Mastery course.

Publisher: Mastery Horsemanship

Details: 6 Video Lessons and PDF Guides