LEVEL 4 - Progressive Training - Mastery Horsemanship

LEVEL 4 - Progressive Training


Ground training video lessons
Riding video lessons
PDF guides and checklists 

Each video is designed to show you what you need to do, why it's important and how to do it. Plus pitfall resolutions for challenging situations. You can watch and re-watch each video until you feel you understand the details we want you to practice.


  • Liberty with Obstacles
  • Expanding your horses confidence and crossing scary places
  • Interacting with obstacles at a distance
  • Preparing for cantering and transitions on the ground
  • Introduction to 2 rein driving or long-lining
  • Riding improvement tasks
  • Trot speed control
  • Canter control, stopping and turning
  • Better Sideways control and hand/leg responses
  • Introduction to basic hands off (bridle-less) riding 

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