Mastery Horsemanship Daily Journal

A leader needs a plan!
And now, for the first time, there is a daily planner for horse trainers.
This spiral bound daily journal includes:
  • Reference guides to basic and advanced maneuvers. And nearly all the horsemanship terms you've ever heard and wondered about.
  • Diagrams for visual aids to understand flying lead changes and many more tasks.
  • Personal goals setting and dream outline section.
  • Over one hundred of your favorite horsemanship quotes from masters who have gone before us, set on a blank canvas, to help you draw out your next exercises, whether that's a dressage pattern or anything else.
  • A daily journal designed to help you answer the most important and compelling questions that will move you forward toward your dreams and goals and keep you on track. 

"I've used a journal my whole life. Everything I've ever done, or dreamed of doing with horses, has been logged. A journal keeps me focused. The reason I love this journal, besides all the diagrams I use for reference, is the blank arena charts to draw on and outline my next exercises. The questions keep me on track. And there is plenty of space to be a strategist, dream, and remember pitfalls and successes." - Don Jessop
"Do your feeling during the day and your thinking at night." - Tom Dorrance

Expect a small delay in shipping. These copies are print on demand.

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