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Kids know kids. An 11 year old writes a book that absolutely captures the imagination of her audience. I volunteer with kids infant to 6 years. There are many books on the reading rack, and this one is pointed to most frequently by toddlers and preschoolers alike when we sit down to read. If they could write this review I'm pretty sure it would be 5 stars. -Susan

Because of its attractive cover and the excellent, engaging artwork, it’s one of the first books that gets pulled from my ‘grandchildren’s bookshelf. The words are positioned on the pages of the book in a way that makes reading the story fun and enjoyable. The main character, Mrs.Tentacles, is an excellent guardian of her exciting and mystical ocean world. A perfect read! - Sherri


This enticing, encouraging tale will be sure to captivate any young child.


The Rainbow Crystal is stolen by the Crystalites arch-enemy Robert.
Will he make the world a horrible place?
Buy Rainbow Adventure to find out if Mrs Tentacles is able to save the world today.

Enticing, Encouraging Tale
Mrs Tentacles never gives up and never stops trying.  She will do whatever it takes to accomplish her goal.

Captivating and Colorful Illustrations
Unique Whimsical drawings, capture and delight!

Encouraging Decisions
Look at the world from Mrs Tentacles' eyes.  Playfully inviting you to choose.

The perfect gift
Positive, delightful read! Keeps you engaged to the end.

The Author
At 11 years of age, Shona wrote this tale to inspire others to do the same. 
“Mrs Tentacles was the inspiration for this story”. Shona says. 
When asked why she wrote about Rainbows she replied “Rainbows make me happy.”